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Star in the Storm

Written by Joan Harlow

Reviewed by Mallory S. (age 10) & Hannah B. (age 10)

Star in the Storm

Have you ever felt lonely or unsafe? That's how Maggie felt until she met Sirius, a Newfoundland dog that was swept to the shore by the sea. Dogs like Sirius are illegal where Maggie lives. Maggie can't bear giving away Sirius because Sirius is like the other half of her heart that was missing, but now found. Maggie keeps Sirius hidden, until a vast storm hits a boat with over 500 passengers, and it crashes into the rocky cliff. Maggie knows Sirius can save the passengers, but that would put Sirius's life in danger. Will Maggie let Sirius save the passengers or will they both watch, terrified, as they slowly sink to the bottom of the sea?

We thought Star in the Storm was suspenseful because we didn't know if Sirius would survive or die. We were scared and nervous when Sirius was accused of killing the sheep because we knew he didn't do it. There wasn't a page without action because the author worked hard to keep you on the edge of your seat. We were amazed at the picture the author would paint in our minds.

We recommend this book for ages 8-13 because it's sad, exciting, and loaded with suspense! Kids might consider this book interesting because the main character is a girl about their age and a very brave dog.