1 Ton and Pon - Big and Little

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Ton and Pon - Big and Little

Written by Kazuo Iwamura

Illustrated by Kazuo Iwamura

Reviewed by Ian M. (age 7)

Ton and Pon - Big and Little

This story is about two dogs named Ton and Pon. Ton is big and Pon is little. Ton thinks being big is much better than being little. Ton and Pon do a lot of things together. They walk through tall grass, pick apples, swing on a pole, hop onto a hill, walk on a pole high in the air, get caught in the rain, and lose their hats in a gust of wind. How will they get their hats back? Is it better to be big or little? What do you think? Read this book and it may change your mind.

I liked Pon the best because he walked on the pole and didn't fall off. He was brave, but Ton was scared.

This book is special because they do tricks together. Ton and Pon do many different things and sometimes it is good to be big and sometimes it is good to be little.

I felt happy when I read this book. Animals and people come in different sizes. I think the pictures are drawn with crayons, too.

I recommend this book for 1st graders because it teaches you a lesson. The lesson is that it is ok to be big and little. It is also funny and it will make you laugh.