1 The Lightning Thief

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The Lightning Thief

Written by Rick Riordan

Reviewed by Brendan M. (age 10)

Have you ever jumped off the St. Louis Arch? Percy Jackson has. Percy Jackson is a dyslexic sixth grader whose birth was a mistake. This story is a world about gods and goddesses, heroes and monsters going on in our world. After his mother is kidnapped by the god of the underworld, Hades, Percy goes to Half Blood Hill in order to be trained to fight against monsters like Gorgons, Hellhounds and Chimera. After Zeus, the lightening god's thunder bolt is stolen, all the gods blame Percy. Now he needs to retrieve and return the thunderbolt before June 20th, or there will be a war between Zeus, Poseidon and Hades so powerful, it would make World War II look like a slap fight!

I enjoyed this book because it is a bundle of history, fantasy, thrill and action spun into an unforgettable piece of literature. I also enjoyed it for the details and the mythological content. Every page of The Lightening Thief was filled with surprise and excitement. I always wanted to read more! My favorite part is when they entered the Lotus Casino in Las Vegas because it was fun and exciting.

I recommend this book for mythology fanatics who are in at least fifth grade. I think it is too scary for kids younger than ten.