1 The Secret of the Old Clock

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The Secret of the Old Clock

Written by Carolyn Keene

Reviewed by Madison H. (age 10)

The Secret of the Old Clock

"Tick-tock, tick-tock!" It's the secret of the old clock! This is a story about a teenage girl named Nancy Drew, who is a clever detective who solves a mystery about an old clock that is lost in an old "haunted" forest. She goes through many obstacles to find the clock, which has a will in it. For example, her dad's own friend tries to hurt Nancy to prevent her from getting to the will before he does. If they find it, they will determine who gets all the money from the will.

This book is an exciting and suspenseful mystery. I especially loved the part when Nancy cut her leg on the rusty fence because of her dad's friend trying to prevent her from going into the forest to get the will. I also liked the part when Nancy almost hit a little girl with her car, because the girl was running to get her ball. This book made me fall off my seat because of the suspense. I stayed up all night reading in my bed just to get to the next exciting part. The character, Nancy, reminds me of myself because I'm always spying and trying to figure out mysteries.

If you like to solve mysteries or read about crimes, this is the book for you.