1 We Had a Picnic This Sunday Past

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We Had a Picnic This Sunday Past

Written by Jacqueline Greenseid

Illustrated by Diane Greenseid

Reviewed by Zenaida C. (age 10)

We Had a Picnic This Sunday Past

Have you ever been to a picnic or party and all the food there was nasty? In this book a young girl discusses about her family picnic and the food that the family brings. In the middle of the story the grandma is happy because the Aunt doesn?t bring pie. Because she thinks the pie is nasty. My favorite part of the story was when the grandma insults the aunt?s pie. I think the grandma is funny when she says that.

I think this story is a good story and it will cheer someone up when they are down Anyone, no matter your age can and should read this book.