1 Goosebumps - The Masked Mutant

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Goosebumps - The Masked Mutant

Written by R. L.. Stine

Reviewed by Ammar A (age 9)

Goosebumps - The Masked Mutant

Do you ever like comics or want to be a hero or super villain like Skipper, my main character? Well I am going to tell you about the book, The Masked Mutant by R.L Stine. Skipper can't get enough of the comic book, The Masked Mutant. He can't do his homework, because he wanted to read the Masked Mutant book all the time. The setting, in most of the book, is at the Masked Mutant headquarters. The plot was Skipper couldn't escape from the Masked Mutant headquarters, also the Masked Mutant kept changing into people who Skipper likes. Skipper kept on being confused by the Masked Mutant changing. The solution comes when Skipper tells The Masked Mutant that he was Elastic boy and that the only thing that works to destroy Elastic boy is water. Read the story to see who comes out the hero and how it happens.

I think the author should have put in pictures in this book, because sometimes I didn't understand a part. I needed a picture to help me understand what was happening. I liked how the author changed the setting, because the author used a lot of settings. I think the story was pretty well written, because details are what make your story better and the author used good details. Sometimes I can picture what is happening, because the author used such good details.

The book reminds me of my brother because he skips to the phone like Skipper skips. I think the author described the characters using "slow down the moment" and "show don't tell" details. One example of this was 'the Masked Mutant melted fast and just turned into a breeze and flew away." Skipper had many expressions, because he was always quick and a little bit impatient.

I recommend this book to people who like to read Goosebumps and scary stories. It is definitely scary!