1 The Wizard of Oz

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The Wizard of Oz

Written by Frank Baum

Reviewed by Lauren H. (age 12)

The Wizard of Oz

Dorothy is playing outside with her dog, Toto. Then a twister came towards Dorothy and she and Toto run to the house. Then Dorothy falls asleep during the twister. Dorothy awakens and finds herself in a land she doesn?t know. And then she finds out that her house has just fallen on somebody. The she finds out too that it?s one of the bad witches, and she gets rewarded by one of the good witches. She is asked to kill the other bad witch with the help of the Wizard of Oz.

Dorothy finds out that the Wizard of Oz is a fake and then tries to help the Wizard of Oz go back home. Then, Dorothy ends up going home herself! Dorothy gets herself home and hugs her aunt and uncle and is glad to be back home.

My favorite part is when Dorothy kills the witch and every slave of the bad witch is freed, and Dorothy returns home. I love those parts because I love happy endings and those parts where such happy endings. I like that.

My least favorite part was when I had to wait more and more while Dorothy was at the Oz Palace. I kept repeating it over and over!

I liked this book because it was good and sweet. I loved the way I wanted to keep reading and wanted more and more.

I recommend this book to people of all ages. When you see this book you might think, ?oh, I?m old to read this book,? but you?re wrong. When you actually read this book you enjoy it. It also brings out a little kid in you, because that?s actually what happened to me.

If you have seen the movie and say to yourself, ?oh, I?ve seen that movie,? well, this book is so different from the movie. For example, in the movie the good witch has a pink dress and in the book the good which has a white dress, and waves over her shoulders, and more different things. I don?t want to give a lot way, but you will meet a lot of characters you never saw in the Wizard of Oz movie, and a surprising ending. So, if you want to find out what happened, then you will have to read the book. You will enjoy it.