1 Little Bunny's Picnic

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Little Bunny's Picnic

Written by Michelle Cartlidge

Illustrated by Michelle Cartlidge

Reviewed by Diana S. (age 8)

Little Bunny's Picnic

The bunnies are getting ready for a picnic and they get ready and they get in the car. The go to the park and it?s a nice day for playing ball and picking strawberries. They spread out the picnic feast and it was getting dark. Then they made a fire and then they said, ?It is a wonderful day.?

My favorite part of this book is when the bunnies go fishing because I love fishing. My least favorite part is when they had to leave. I do not like to leave the park! I liked the book because it is fun and nice.

I am going to recommend this to Selina, Melissa, Jessenia, Kristal, Adrian and Toshiaki because it?s nice and it?s fun to read!