1 Eragon

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Written by Christopher Paolini

Reviewed by Bailey M. (age 10)


If you love adventure this is the book you should read. Eragon will travel and fight for his life trying to take down the Empire of Evil and Galbixrax, the King. Eragon is a magic man, also called a Rider. With the help of Sapphire, his dragon, and Murtagh, his human friend, Eragon fights many scary and weird enemies. Read this book and you will find out who and what the legacy of the Rider is. The reason I like this book is I love adventure! Eragon was a normal farm boy who is thrown into many adventures he is not ready for. He meets scary creatures like Urgals and the Raz'ac, who he must fight to protect the Empire. My favorite character is Brom, who is also a Rider. He fights with a Red Sword which has a ruby handle and a red blade. I also like how they must learn an Ancient Language to perform magic.

I recommend this book to ages eight and up. Kids will love it because it's a big adventure. Adults will love it for the same reason!