1 Mouse's Hide and Seek Words

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Mouse's Hide and Seek Words

Written by Kathryn Heling

Illustrated by Patrick Joseph

Reviewed by Brian B. (age 7) & Alexander W. (age 7)

Mouse's Hide and Seek Words

We picked this book because the pictures on the cover were funny.

The story is about a mouse finding his words. He looks everywhere for the words. He looks and he looks for them. It seems like he never stops. He wants to find the words because he wants to know how to spell them. Read the story to find out what happens.

The book is funny. We think the funniest part is when he gets to the plates but he is too late. The book is great because it teaches little kids to read. We liked the mouse because he does funny stuff like coming late to lunch. He got no food! We liked the pictures because they are colorful.

We recommend this book to kids in kindergarten because it helps kids spell words. We think it is good for adults too because it can teach their babies how to read.