1 Kira, Kira

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Kira, Kira

Written by Cynthia Kadohata

Reviewed by Madison J (age 11)

Kira, Kira

Kira - Kira is a wonderful book about a girl named Lynn and her younger sister Katie. Katie always looked up to her older sister. In this book Katie is reading Lynn's diary and as she reads the entrees she remembers the story that went with it. In the book Katie and Lynn have a really tough life but there life gets even tougher when one of them gets deathly ill. Katie knows to persevere no matter what happens. Will Lynn get better? Will their life get easier? Read this book to find out!!!

I think this is a wonderful book for all ages. I liked this book because it was really deep and in some ways I can relate to this book.

There are many things that are unique in this book but the most unique part is the love Katie and Lynn have for each other.

When I read this book I felt good spirited but in other parts I felt sad that my sister and I could never have the bond Katie and Lynn had with each other.

My favorite part in this book is when Katie and Lynn are playing and a dog attacks Lynn and Katie throws a milk bottle at the ground and the dog starts lapping it up but Lynn squirts the dog with the hose because she didn't want the dog to get glass in its tongue.

One thing that might interest that reader is how they wrote this book. The girl is reading her sisters diary and telling the story that goes with it. This is a great book!!!!

I think an audience that would like this book is someone who has had someone that has died that was close to them or someone that has a friend that was leaving. This book tells you that you are not alone.