1 WEb of the Visorak (Bionicle Adventures, No. 7)

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WEb of the Visorak (Bionicle Adventures, No. 7)

Written by Greg Farshtey

Illustrated by None

Reviewed by Allen D. (age 7)

WEb of the Visorak (Bionicle Adventures, No. 7)

This book is about five Toas, special people who look and act differently from regular people. They try to defeat the Toa of Darkness and look for a new mask. They need a new mask because a new mask would get them more power. The Toa of Darkness is also looking for the mask. That's why they have to fight him. It is an exciting book with lots of adventure and action in it. I liked this book because I like action books. My favorite part is when the Toas find Toa of Darkness. The Toa of Darkness sees the mask and he starts to get it. That's when the fighting starts. The Toa of Darkness was my favorite character because he didn't act like the other characters. He acted sort of greedy. I recommend this book to my friend Ethan because it is like a scavenger hunt and he likes scavenger hunts. People who like running and action would probably like this book. They would probably really like the part where everybody is looking for the mask because that's where a lot of the action really starts.