1 Fortunately

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Written by Remy Charlip

Illustrated by Remy Charlip

Reviewed by Geoffrey W. (age 7), Alexander S. (age 7) & Seth B. (age 8)


Once there was a boy who got an invitation to a suprise party. However, the party was in Florida and he was in New York. ?Fortunately?, his friend lent him an airplane. ?Unfortunately?, the airplane blew up. ?Fortunately?, there was a parachute. First there?s a good thing, then a bad thing, then a good thing, repeating like a pattern, until he finally gets to the party.

We like the illustrations. When things are fortunate, the pages are colorful. When things are unfortunate, the pages are black and white. The clock and the sun have smiles. When Ned is running, the illustration shows his hair blowing in the wind. For Alex, the scariest part was when the motor exploded. He doesn?t like to go on airplanes because he thinks the plane might crash, but he has a good time when he goes by plane to see his grandma in Chicago. Ned is brave, strong, and fortunate. He swims faster than sharks and runs faster than tigers.

We recommend this book for people who like random events, because there?s a series of them in this story. It?s a good book to read aloud.