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Franklin Fibs

Written by Paulette Bourgeois

Illustrated by Brenda Clark

Reviewed by Zeb L. (age 8)

Franklin Fibs

In the book Franklin Fibs, it was a nice day and Franklin the turtle was in the woods with his friends. Franklin said "I can eat seventy-six flies in the blink of an eye." Franklin was fibbing. He only ate six flies. The next morning his friends captured seventy-six flies in a jar. They gave Franklin the flies. "I can't eat seventy-six flies because I have a sore throat" Franklin said. Franklin went home and baked a fly pie. He ate the pie in front of his friends. Then he was just about to say "I can eat two fly pies in one gulp" but he didn't because he didn't ever want to fib again.

I like the book. It was pretty fun to read about. I liked it because it had very neat details that showed Franklin, Bear, Beaver and Hawk talking and walking. I give the author two thumbs up for the book because it teaches you a lesson to never fib.

What I like about Franklin is that he is always nice. He is smart, he is funny and he has a good personality.

This story reminds me of one day at recess. When I was playing with my friends, I told them we should go over to a tree. I told them I could climb to the top of the tree and then jump out and be perfectly safe. I tried to and it was not safe. I fibbed like Franklin and then my friends left and then I was sad like Franklin.

I recommend this book for kids ages five through ten. It will teach you an experience on which you'll stop fibbing. All kids should like this book.