1 How Not to Babysit Your Brother

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How Not to Babysit Your Brother

Written by Cathy Hapka

Illustrated by Debbie Palen

Reviewed by John B. (age 8)

How Not to Babysit Your Brother

This book is about a little boy, Steve, and his big brother, Will. The boys' father and mother go somewhere and the grandmother is in charge. She falls asleep, so Will is in charge. Will and his brother Steve play hide and go seek. The little brother hides in the dog food, so he has to take but he does not want to. So Will tells his brother that he can play Tidal Wave in the bathtub. He plays Tide Wave and turns the room into a mess. That's just the first adventure. There are lots more. Will the mom find out or not? I like this book because it is funny. I especially liked the part where he hid in the dog food because he got messy. I like the characters' names, too. My favorite characters were Will and Steve because they're kids. I like that I can read all the words because that made the book interesting and because I could do it by myself. I recommend this book to people with siblings, especially people who are in the first grade and up. It tells you how to baby-sit and how not to baby-sit. For example, if you read this book you will think that you should never play hide and go seek with your little brother because he might hide in gross places! I think people will like the part where they play hide and seek because it's funny and gross.