1 Wringer

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Written by Jerry Spinelli

Illustrated by Cliff Nielsen

Reviewed by Robert T. (age 11)


Wringer is a realistic fiction book. It's about a boy named Palmer LaRue. Palmer lives in a town called Waymer, where they have a special tradition for boys when they turn ten. The tradition is when boy turns ten they must become a wringer. But Palmer doesn't want to be a wringer.

Wringer is the best book Jerry Spinelli ever wrote. The reason I think this is because the main character stood up to his friends, and that takes real courage. This book also has to do with real friendship. Palmer realizes that who he thinks are his real friends are not; and the girl he loves to hate, becomes his best friend. My favorite part is when Palmer walks away with his pet pigeon on his head. This is my favorite part because it is the first time he doesn't care what his "friends" think of him. I have a connection with Palmer. We are both in a gang of friends. We both try to impress our friends, even when we don't really need to.

I recommend this book to fourth and fifth graders who love realistic fiction books.