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Back to the Divide

Written by Elizabeth Kay

Reviewed by Garrett M. (age 10)

Back to the Divide

The adventure continues in Back to the Divide. This fiction book is about a boy named Felix Sanders. His parents are turned to marble by an evil jappgrin (pixie) called Snakeweed who got onto earth by a spell. Felix must cross back into the divide to get help from an old friend called Ironclaw. Will Felix find a cure for his parents; will his friendship with Ironclaw be good enough to get the cure? Read Back to the Divide to help Felix on his journey to save his parents.

I love this book because it has you sitting on the edge of your seat, hanging on for dear life. For example, Grimspette puts a spinning wheel hex on Snakeweed that makes him fall asleep for one hundred years. It leaves you wondering if that is truly the end of Snakeweed.

The marvelous journey you take in every chapter promises to be very exciting. The most exciting chapter is the chapter when all of the good characters are going after Snakeweed. You are very nervous about what will happen to Snakeweed's hostage. Friendship is also a big part of this story, because Felix must trust Ironclaw in order to solve the riddle and receive the cure. Elizabeth Kay did not let her readers down.

I recommend this book to students who love fantasy books. Kids who have read The Divide will surely want to conintue the adventures with Felix.