1 The Hidden Staircase

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The Hidden Staircase

Written by Carolyn Keene

Reviewed by Kara M. (age 11)

Do you have a mind for mysteries? Nancy Drew sure does! Nancy is a sixteen-year-old girl that has a nose for news. When she gets frightening news that her father is in danger, will this stop her from solving the mystery at Twin Elms? While I was reading the book The Hidden Staircase the words courage and friendship popped up into my mind. These words really hold the book together because Nancy must have courage to go into scary places and friendship with her friend Helen. Carolyn Keene the author of The Hidden Staircase was trying to communicate a message we all can share. This message was that you should take chances and don?t live your life sitting still.

Nancy Drew, one of my favorite characters is a great example of someone to look up to. Three words that best describe Nancy are patient, hardworking, and intelligent. Helen Corning, Nancy?s friend, had a dramatic change in the story. At first Helen was afraid of solving the mystery at Twin Elms, but once she got her confidence she turned out to be a great sleuth. The book The Hidden Staircase is part of a series of 56 books. It is not like any other book in the series. It has a different mystery than all the rest. When I read this book I felt intense excitement because after anything exciting another exciting thing would happen! During this book I wondered if they would find the hidden staircase.

The book the Hidden Staircase is an exciting yet scary story. If you love to read scary stories then you should stop by the library and check it out. I recommend this book to anyone nine and up. I can?t tell you how great this book is. If you can read for hours and hours than this is the book for you. I think that anyone who wants to be a sleuth should read this book. This book is great!