1 M&M and the Bad News Babies

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M&M and the Bad News Babies

Written by Pat Ross

Illustrated by Marilyn Hafner

Reviewed by Bridget H. (age 8)

M&M and the Bad News Babies

This book is about Mimi and Mandy babysitting Richie and Bengie. It takes place in Mimi and Mandy?s house.In the beginning, Mimi and Mandy want to make a fishtank. They don?t have any money to buy fish. They found out they have to baby-sit Richie and Bengie. Now they can make money to buy fish for the fish tank. At the end, they bought fish for their fish tank. They named the fish Richie and Bengie because they liked the fishtank so much.

I enjoyed this book because Richie and Bengie are so funny. They always make mistakes. My favorite part was when Mimi and Mandy named their fish Richie and Bengie because at first they didn?t like Richie and Bengie. It was funny that they ended up naming their fish after them. The pictures looked like real kids. This helped the story.

I would recommend this book to other first and second graders because when you baby-sit, you will know what to do.