1 Foolish Jack and the Beanstack

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Foolish Jack and the Beanstack

Written by Laurence Anholt

Illustrated by Arthur Robins

Reviewed by Joy H. (age 7)

Foolish Jack and the Beanstack

Jack and his mother live under a cow and all they eat and drink is milk. They get tired of milk, so one day Jack trades the cow for a can of beans. The label on the can wins them ?a fantastic prize?. It is a stack of cans of beans up to the sky. There?s a giant and a castle, just like in Jack and the Beanstalk, but this is a romantic story.

I like this book because it?s funny. Foolish Jack opens a caf? at the end of the story. I can?t tell you where it is, but he refuses to serve milk and beans! There?s a list at the beginning and the middle and the end of the book. The first is about milk, the second one is about beans, and the third one is about kids. There are cakes on all the lists! The language reminds me of one of the Stories Julian Tells. They both have similes; for example, ?with a tongue like a huge purple carpet?.

This book is extremely entertaining. Go to your library and get this book!