1 Pinky and Rex and the School Play

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Pinky and Rex and the School Play

Written by James Howe

Illustrated by Melissa Sweet

Reviewed by David M. (age 8)

Pinky and Rex and the School Play

Rex thought it would be frightening to be in the school play, so she didn?t even want to try. Pinky thought it would be interesting, so he went to the tryouts. Pinky and Rex get mad at each other when Rex gets the part of the main character and Pinky gets to be what he thought was a boring part of a monkey.

Pinky is like me because he is nervous in the play and I am nervous when I try something new. I like the pictures because they have a lot of detail. When Pinky is mad, his face shows it. This is my favorite picture because his eyebrows and his mouth are straight. The funniest part is when Rex says, ?Run to the maloca.? They have all practiced a lot, but when it?s the show they don?t remember what to do.

Kindergarten to third graders would love Pinky and Rex. There are lots of other Pinky and Rex books. They are very good, too.