1 Dolphin's Big Leap

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Dolphin's Big Leap

Written by Kimberly Weinberger

Illustrated by Debra Ziss

Reviewed by Rachel C. (age 7)

Dolphin's Big Leap

This book is about a dolphin who lives in the sea. What happens in the beginning is he is a part of a family and he can?t leap like them. Then, he keeps telling himself that he can do it. He sees a girl on a boat and leaps . At the end, Dolphin goes home to tell his family.

I think this book was a good story. I like the dolphins and the tricks they did. I'm not sure if real dolphins can do those tricks. There have been times when I didn't think I could do something, and then I tried, and then I could. The pictures were drawn like cartoons, and I liked them.

I would recommend this book to my pop-pop because he likes to fish and he likes the ocean.