1 Follow The Drinking Gourd

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Follow The Drinking Gourd

Written by Jeanette Winters

Illustrated by Jeanette Winters

Reviewed by Samantha S. (age 9)

Follow The Drinking Gourd

An African American family escapes from being slaves. A white man named Peg Leg Joe helps the black family escape. He taught them a song called ?Follow the Drinking gourd.? Find out what happens to the family when they follow the drinking gourd.

My favorite character is Peg Leg Joe because he helped the slaves be free. My favorite part is when the slaves finally get their freedom. Now that I read this book I feel very sad for African Americans because they were treated badly. I recommend this book to almost anybody because it teaches a valuable lesson, which is ?Follow your dreams.? So, please read Follow the Drinking Gourd!