1 Gregor the Overlander

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Gregor the Overlander

Written by Suzanne Collins

Reviewed by Brianna B. (age 10)

Gregor the Overlander

Flying bats, hungry rats, what kind of book is this? Gregor the Overlander is about a boy, who, while doing laundry with his little sister named Boots, falls down a long dark tunnel into a magical dream. He discovers a world of war and mystery. When he arrives at the enthralling palace, he learns that family is the most important thing. Gregor is pulled into a war between the creatures and the underground humans. Will he stay, fight and fulfill a legendary prophecy, or will Gregor escape back to his own world?

I really enjoyed the book Gregor the Overlander because it is suspenseful and full of description. The suspense will grab your mind and will touch your heart. I found the character Luxa interesting because she is cold and a bit dark hearted, but can also be kind and gentle in the very next moment. The cockroaches are interesting because they are so caught up in themselves that they don't care how they act! I chose to read this book because of the illustrations on the cover. The tall buildings with beaming lights and the dark colors, such as black and green, fit the story perfectly. While I was reading this exhilarating book, I wondered about Gregor's father. He was there one day and missing the next. I felt worried and excited at the same time while reading this amazing book!

I recommend this book to people who really enjoy fantasy. This book is appealing to boys and girls because the main characters are both boys and girls! Kids ages 9-13 will understand the message this book delivers.