1 Emily's 100th Day of School

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Emily's 100th Day of School

Written by Rosemary Wells

Reviewed by Emily R. (age 9)

Emily's 100th Day of School

Kids like parties in Miss Cribbage?s class! The class had to wait for a party on the 100th day of school. Emily, the kid bunny, is excited for the 100th day party. Emily makes a journal counting the 100 days of school. The problem is they had to wait 100 days for the party. No one believes they will ever get to one hundred days.

I think this is an exciting book because fun things happened every day. Emily, Charles, Diane, Miss Cribbage, and all the kids went to school. They also went to the toy store. Every day they make a number friend. They learn the alphabet, how to sing, read, count, and write. Emily makes friends. My favorite part is day 24 because it was the great cookie day. I had a 100th day of school party in my class on Wednesday the 15th in February 2006.

Emily?s First 100 Days of School is a great book for kids who like Rosemary Wells books, and who like Arthur and Fluffy books. If you like silly counting books and picture books, then you should read it.