1 Iris and Walter

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Iris and Walter

Written by Hayden Guest

Illustrated by Christine Davenier

Reviewed by Lewis R. (age 7)

Iris and Walter

Iris, a sensitive city-girl is sad when she moves to the country. She misses her noisy street, her wide front stoop, playing baseball, roller-skating indoors, tango music (from room 3B), subways and buses. Her parents try to cheer her up by doing a cartwheel in the grass and playing monkeys. That doesn?t really cheer her up. Then grandpa suggests a walk. Will the walk cheer her up? Will she find a friend in the country? Find out in this great book.

I like Iris and Walter because it is interesting. The illustrations are funny. I reminds me of when I moved here. I was sad just like Iris. And at the end she was happy like me. Iris says that the country is as lonely as Mars, but that?s not true, because my grandparents live in the country and it?s not lonely there. It is like a fairy tale because it has a happy ending. In the illustrations, the cats look like Iris and Walter. This book is a Publishers? Weekly Best Book of the Year, an ALA Notable Children?s Book and a Bulletin Blue Ribbon Book.

I recommend this book to kids who are moving and kids who like friendship. I also recommend this book to kids who are lonely and don?t have any friends. This is probably a good book for ages 5 and up. Even kids in college will like it!