1 Don't Get Caught In The Teachers Lounge

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Don't Get Caught In The Teachers Lounge

Written by Todd Strasser

Reviewed by AJ (age 8)

Don't Get Caught In The Teachers Lounge

Don't Get Caught in The Teachers? Lounge is a great book!This book is about Kyle and his friends, Dusty and Wilson, who sneak into the teachers lounge to get sodas without getting caught! There is one little problem. Rule # 1 in the school is: Sodas are forbidden. One person who is willing to catch them is their principal, nicknamed Monkey Breath. He catches them with nine garbage bags filled with empty soda cans. They got detention! But they didn't stop taking risks! When they got out of detention, some older kids caught them and they wanted sodas. Then some other kids caught them, and they want sodas, too! Will they share their treasured sodas with the other kids? Will they get caught? Find out when you read this book!

I enjoyed reading this book. It was so interesting! I loved the scene where Kyle, Wilson, and Dusty threw the three binders filled with rules in the fire. There were over 2,000 rules in each of the binders and they were ridiculous! That's why they threw them out! It was also interesting because I wondered if they would get caught selling or even just drinking sodas. What would happen to them if they did?

It was really funny when Dusty fell into the toilet while selling sodas in the bathroom! I really laughed when Wilson threw Kyle in the cafeteria food. It was really funny. Kyle had to take a bath in the boys' locker room. This book also has a lot of mysteries which is my favorite genre of all. I enjoyed the scene when a deep voice was speaking in a stall in the bathroom. A little while later in this book, I found out that it was just Dusty selling sodas. I truly loved reading this book!

I felt many different ways as I read this book. I felt happy, relieved, curious, and even afraid. I felt happy when Kyle's school won the recycling competition. I also felt happy when Kyle accomplished his mission. I felt curious when Kyle, Wilson, and Dusty took bags of empty soda cans into the woods. I also felt curious when Monkey Breath took them hunting for little green women. I was a little afraid when Kyle's school got so close to losing the recycling competition. I got scared when Kyle, Wilson, and Dusty went to the teachers' lounge for the very first time to get sodas. I felt so relieved when Kyle did not get in trouble for sneaking into the teachers' lounge to get sodas. This was the riskiest book I have ever read.

This book was really adventurous! I loved the part when Kyle, Wilson and Dusty sneak into the teachers' lounge with the Tricycleton. I was so astonished when Kyle put a snake into the teachers' lounge to make all the teachers go away just so they could get some sodas! I really wondered if Monkey Breath would notice that it was just Cheech dressing up as a little green woman. I was laughing my head off at that part. I thought it was really adventurous when Kyle and his buddies made it past Monkey Breath to the forest to put nine trash bags filled with empty soda cans into the forest so no one would no that they had been drinking sodas.

I recommend Don't Get Caught in The Teachers' Lounge to people who love adventurous books combined with mysteries. People who love mysteries should like the part when a deep voice is speaking in the teachers' lounge. People who love adventurous books would adore any part of this book. I loved this book, and I hope you do to! So come on down to the store and buy yourself Don't Get Caught in The Teachers' Lounge.