1 The Very Real Ghost Book of Christina Rose

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The Very Real Ghost Book of Christina Rose

Written by James Deem

Reviewed by Elizabeth L. (age 11)

The Very Real Ghost Book of Christina Rose

How would you feel if your mom died in a plane crash and all you have is a locket to remember her by? This is a story of Christina Rose who thinks her mom is trying to reach her from the grave. The grave is a special place that Christina visits everyday. How and will Christina ever reach her mom? I liked the book because it gives me chills all up my back, like when she thinks she sees her mom. My favorite part is how Christina is really proud of her mom's locket and it is very special. She wears it a lot! I like the cover because it's very colorful and reminds me of my woods. Christina is like me because she is very adventurous and curious. I recommend this book to people who love scary and adventurous books. It is a very hard book to stop reading until you reach the end. Girls in 4th grade and above would enjoy this book. Younger girls could get scared by reading this book.