1 Sounder

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Written by William Armstrong

Illustrated by James Barkley

Reviewed by Joe A. (age 11)


Can you imagine losing your father, all because you're poor and he stole some food so the whole family can eat? This book is about a family, who is black, poor and has lost a family member. In the book, Sounder, the family dog, chases the dad and ends up getting shot by the local police. He continues to run away. The family looks for the dog for over a month throughout the town. Sounder is special to the family and the town and even has a unique bark. Will Sounder and the dad survive and be reunited? My favorite part of the book was when the policeman threw a cake on the ground because he didn't like it. I liked this book because it makes me feel like I am in it. This book reminds me of my grandfather because they were poor and had to make their own food. I think the book is suspenseful because the dog gets shot and that was sad when that happens. I think this book would be good for 5th grade through 8th grade. It's cool to find out how some people live on earth. I recommend this book to people who like survival and who enjoy learning how a black person lived.