1 Polar Express

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Polar Express

Written by Chris Van Allsburg

Illustrated by Chris Van Allsburg

Reviewed by Kenton Q. (age 7)

Polar Express

On Christmas Eve, the Polar Express arrives in front of a boy's home. The boy gets on the train with many kids. They sing Christmas Carols and drink hot cocoa. They arrive at the North Pole where Santa gives the boy the first gift of Christmas. The gift is a silver bell from Santa's sleigh. The boy is sad when he loses his gift. On Christmas morning the boy finds the silver bell under the tree. Only people who believe in Santa can hear the bell. The boy grows up, but he can still hear the bell.

My favorite part is when the boy gets the first gift of Christmas. Everyone is so happy, even Santa. I like Santa the best, he is a very fair and jolly man. I believe in Santa even though some people don't, just like the boy. There are alot of awesome pictures, they helped me to see the train, the snow, and the characters.

I think everyone should read this story because it makes you feel good.