1 Lumber Camp Library

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Lumber Camp Library

Written by Natalie Kinsey-Warnock

Illustrated by James Bernardin

Reviewed by Erika S. (age 10)

Lumber Camp Library

Could you imagine living with a mom, dad and ten brothers and sisters under one roof? Ruby Sawyer did! Ruby, being the oldest, had hard times at the lumber camp in Vermont. Her favorite loved one died, tragically. But, at this point she meets someone who helps her. She goes on to experience new adventures that make her life better. What will she encounter next to make her life better?

I thought this book was an excellent book with a lot of description. The way the author described things was intriguing. I liked the book because it was very interesting and creative. My favorite part of the book was when Ruby opened up a library, her life long dream. In the library she made fresh pies and played the piano if you asked her. I think Ruby reminds me of myself because she loves to read and I love it as well. She likes adventure just like I do. The one thing Ruby hates is change and I do, too. I had the feelings of happiness, sadness, joy and laughter as I was reading this book. I think all of these feelings make the book more interesting.

If you enjoy reading books that make you feel happy, sad, scared and surprised, this book is for you! Lumber Camp Library gives you a spark to read more.