1 The Darkangel

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The Darkangel

Written by Meredith Ann Pierce

Reviewed by Kevin G. (age 11)

The Darkangel

"Wings so dark they blot out the stars". Join Aeriel, a simple hardworking slave, as she is thrust, head first into an epic adventure that will take your breath away. Aeriel becomes part of an ancient prophecy involving thirteen Icari brides, a Lorelei, and the fate of an entire world! When Aeriel's mistress, Eoduin, is kidnapped, Aeriel's world is turned upside-down. Shunned, she looks for a place to fit in. All she finds is more trouble, as she is borne away by a Darkangel. Will Eoduin ever be freed? Will Aeriel ever find a home? You don't want to miss Aeriel challenge the White Witch and her seven Darkangels!

This is the first book in The Darkangel Trilogy. Though this is just the entrance into Meredith Ann Pierce's magical world, I felt satisfied at the end, leaving me curious as to where the next book's adventure may lead. Of course, Ms. Pierce begins a whole new journey in book two, A Gathering of Gargoyles, written with even more skill than the first (if that's possible)! The Darkangel, is an earth shattering fantasy novel packed with mythical elements and told with astounding emotion. This book is filled with suspense, action, and person to person relationships that will keep you enthralled. Meredith Ann Pierce's imagination is truly wondrous, spanning underground realms to magical witches and enchanted guardians. Her storytelling ability is truly masterful! The main character Aeriel experiences a life altering change throughout the story. She starts as a naive, carefree slave, and evolves into a mature responsible young woman. In fact, the decisions she makes affect the whole world! This is a unique and special book. Although it is narrated in the third person, the precise wording and colorful descriptions made me feel like I was at Aeriel's side recording these events, not just reading about her adventures.

This is the perfect book for fantasy, action lovers. It is written for mature readers, ages twelve and up. This book is a gem; and the best part is that the story continues in two other exceptional novels! The Darkangel is a must read!