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Pictures of Hollis Woods

Written by Patricia Reilly Giff

Reviewed by Ali R. (age 11)

Pictures of Hollis Woods

Have you ever run away from home? Hollis Woods has. She even ran away from the Regans, who offered her a home to live in. She has also lived in so many foster homes she can't remember them all. So when Hollis Woods goes to live with an elderly, forgetful artist called Josie and her irritable cat, Henry, she is tempted to stay. Josie doesn't remember that Hollis has to go to school and Hollis doesn't try to remind her, either. But soon, one of the orphanage employees finds a home nearby that is willing to foster her and wants to meet with her the next day. Hollis packs food and Christmas ornaments and the next day she, Josie and Henry set off to the house. Will they make it? Or will the orphanage employee catch them? You'll have to read this book to find out the exciting ending. I liked this book because I thought this book was very well written and how all of the characters had a defined personality of their own. My favorite part was when Hollis Woods was being difficult with the orphanage employee because it was funny the way she answered the employee's questions about how her day went. The special thing about this book is that Hollis's pictures tell the story of her life with the Regans. The character I found the most interesting was Josie because she would forget about things like school, but she would remember days that she planned for her cousin, Beatrice, to come over. I recommend this book because it is kind of funny, adventurous and really happy, except for a couple parts of it. I would recommend this book to kids in the elementary or middle schools. Kids who like an exciting and funny book would like this book.