1 Chasing Vermeer

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Chasing Vermeer

Written by Blue Balliet

Illustrated by Bret Helquest

Reviewed by Jenna W (age 10)

Have you ever heard of the artist Vermeer? He isn't very well known. Well one of the main characters (Calder) finds out about him and instantly likes his art work. Calder's best friend just moved away, and Calder is looking for a new friend. Well, he finds one, her name is Petra. They are both interested in Vermeer. Suddenly, they try to find a missing Vermeer painting. The setting is in many places such as their school, an art gallery, Petra's house, Calder's house, and many more places. This is a wonderful book full of many twists and turns.

I really liked this book and everything about it, the twists and the characters. My favorite part of the book is the end and what happens (which I'm not going to tell you). One of the characters that I liked was Petra and Calder's teacher, Miss Hussey.

Miss Hussey is a spunky young woman, who likes to teach her students about art and different artists. Miss Hussey is also a character who changes near the end from spunky to more gloomy.

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves mysteries, plot twists, and exciting endings. Read this book - or else!