1 Olive My Love

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Olive My Love

Written by Vivian Walsh

Illustrated by Jotto Seibold

Reviewed by Cole C. (age 8)

Olive My Love

In the beginning, squirrel is trying to help Olive return the heart that was dropped at her door. He drove Olive to his friend's house to return it. Olive did not know that was a gift meant for her. They had trouble returning the heart when they got there. In the end, they had a picnic.

My favorite part of the story is when Olive meets the squirrel because it is funny. The squirrel is my favorite character because he is nice and funny. This book relates to my life because I try to be good and so did Olive. The book has pictures that help tell the story. The pictures are colorful.

I think that others should read the book because it has good pictures and it is a nice story.