1 Meet Diego!

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Meet Diego!

Written by Leslie Valdes

Illustrated by Susan Hall

Reviewed by Tanner & Madison (age 6)

Meet Diego!

This story is about Dora the Explorer and her friend Boots. They are going on a journey to the waterfall. When they are in the forest they meet Diego. They continue on their journey and go past the volcano to the waterfall. Diego saves a baby jaguar. It is always an adventure with Dora!

My favorite character in this book is Diego because he can talk to animals. I like when Diego saved the baby jaguar. Jaguar was on a rock ready to fall into the waterfall. One of my favorite parts was when Baby Bear was about to fall off the branch, but Diego saved him, too. Diego reminds me of myself because he loves animals and so do I. My most favorite part was when Diego called the dolphin and talked to it.

I recommend this book to people who like Dora and animals. It is full of jungle animals and adventure. You can learn a lot about the jungle and have fun with Dora if you read this book.