1 Roo's New Babysitter

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Roo's New Babysitter

Written by Kathleen W. Zoehfeld

Illustrated by Robbin Cuddy

Reviewed by Zaigham M. (age 7)

Roo's New Babysitter

Kanga had to go out. She got a baby sitter for Roo, but Roo didn't want a baby sitter. Pooh was going to be the baby sitter and Kanga told Roo that he would have fun with Pooh. But Roo said he didn't want to have fun with Pooh. Kanga went shopping with Aunt Sadie and Pooh and Roo did end up having fun together.

My favorite part of the story is when Poo climbs a big apple tree and jumps down. My favorite character is Pooh because he is nice and sweet. My least favorite character Kanga because she is gone for a very long time. This story has pictures that helpe me learn about it.

This is a great story to read. You will like it because it shows you how to have fun when you have a baby sitter.