1 Thunder from the Sea

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Thunder from the Sea

Written by Joan Harlow

Reviewed by Graham M (age 9)

Thunder from the Sea

This story is about an orphan named Thomas Campbell. He goes to live with Fiona and Enoch Murray, a fishing family. On Tom's first fishing trip he sees a dog out at sea. Enoch, Tom and their neighbors, Amos and Bert, rescue the Newfoundland. Enoch says the dog, now named Thunder, is Tom's; but Amos says Thunder is Bert's, leading to a feud over who owns Thunder. Thunder becomes a hero throughout the book by saving people in natural disasters and a medical emergency.

This is like other books written by Joan Hiatt Harlow because both books are about a Newfoundland. This book made me feel sad, happy and scared. I think that Tom changed the most because he feels like he has a family now.

I liked Thunder from the Sea so much. It's great if you like mixed emotion or dog stories. If so, you would like Thunder from the Sea!