1 How I Survived Being A Girl

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How I Survived Being A Girl

Written by Wendelin Van Draanen

Reviewed by Carley V. (age 9)

How I Survived Being A Girl

Caroline liked to play with boys, but Jack and Allen didn't like to play with their sister. She always wanted to have her way, so they didn't play with her anymore. One night she had nothing to do, so she went outside to spy on their neightbors, the Freakos. Mr. Freako was lying on his stomach in front of his pool. Caroline's dad saw her looking through the fence and he stopped her. Caroline turned her attention to other interesting neighbors. The Moyers were going to give a talent show and Caroline was invited. The Moyers always eat good snacks, but eat them in a weird manner. Another set of neighbors are the Hilberts. They live on the corner of their block. Mrs. Hilbert is very short. She is so short that Caroline's mom said that she sits on pillows when she drives her car. She has a daughter named Prunella. Her nose is so clear that you can see up into it. Caroline has lots of adventures in her neighborhood. Read the book to find out what other adventures happen to her.

Caroline is my favorite character because she was the only girl in her family. She had to think of ways to survive living with her brothers. She even dug a fort of tunnels in her backyard. I found it enjoyable to read about the trouble Caroline got into. I liked when she climbed on top of the Freako's house and threw down rocks. She saw her dad coming and had to jump down and change her clothes so her dad wouldn't find out that she was on top of the neighbor's house.

Jack and Allen reminded me of my brother. They were always fighting and they never got away with it--neither does my brother. My family is similar to Caroline. My sister and I have a little brother. I wonder if he feels like Caroline felt?

I recommend this book if you like books that involve spying. I think fourth grade and above would like it even though there are some parts that are a little hard to understand. For example, Caroline couldn't figure out why her mom wouldn't help clean. But even if you don't understand, you can always ask your mom or dad.