1 Eldest

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Written by Christopher Paolini

Illustrated by John Palencar

Reviewed by Griffin G (age 9)


In Eldest, Eragon and his allies the Varden (who are mainly made up of dwarves and therefore live underground, but care for people more than Galbatorix), need to fight the Empire--who are led by the dragon rider Galbatorix who is an evil king--but Eragon hasn't fully harnessed his powers and needs training. He goes on a venture to Du Weldenvarden which is home of the elves, with the help of Arya, who is an elf who carried the egg Saphira (the dragon Eragon is bound to) was in, and a dwarf named Orik, so Eragon can seek training with the elves. Meanwhile Eragon's cousin Roran is still in Carvahall, Eragon's hometown, which is being assaulted by the 2 Raazac which are mutant evil people, and their men. But right before going into the forest in which Du Weldenvarden is located, Eragon falls in love with Arya. What will happen to the Varden? I don't know, read the next book in the Inheritance Trilogy to find out.

I liked Eldest because it had a lot of battling at the end. Eldest isn't part of a series but a trilogy: The Inheritance Trilogy. The trilogy is made up of Eragon, Eldest and 1 other. In Eldest, Eragon was changed in a way so much that it would ruin the book if I told you. This book is only like 1 other book that I've read: the book in the trilogy right before Eldest. My favorite part in Eldest was when there was a huge battle at the end and men were surrounding Saphira but the dwarves and another species killed the men before Eragon could draw his sword.

I would recommend this book to anyone who wants magic and dragons in their books, but what's amazing is that the author was 15 years old when he wrote Eragon. I met him at a book signing in Denver CO.