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Best Friends

Written by Steven Kellogg

Illustrated by Steven Kellogg

Reviewed by Amanda H. (age 9)

Best Friends

Elizabeth and Jessica are twins who do everything together. One day Jessica started hanging out with some other girls. Elizabeth got a little jealous. Jessica gets asked to be in a Unicorn club. In order to belong she has to do tasks. She was so happy when she got asked. She got her tasks done with the help of her friend. In the meantime Elizabeth got asked to start a school newspaper. She asked Jessica to help her. Jessica said,"No". Elizabeth was disappointed. The Unicorns decided that Jessica could be in the club. There was one problem, Jessica and Elizabeth never saw each other. Their mom said they could be in ballet. They were excited, especially Elizabeth. Elizabeth wanted to be with Jessica more. So Jessica tried getting Elizabeth in the Unicorn club. They were scared. Will they let her join? Will she do her tasks? You will have to read this book "Sweet Valley Twins Best Friends." I think this book is really good. I liked it a lot.

I would recommend this book for girls 3rd grade and up because it is for older girls and it doesn't have any pictures. This is a chapter book so you probably need to know how to read chapter books. I like this book because it has things in it that a normal kid would do, like go to school, be in a club, and do activities like ballet.

I have to say I liked the two main characters Jessica and Elizabeth. They did so many interesting things in their lives, like joining clubs and being in ballet. I can relate to this story because I have a sister and we fight and play together just like they do in this book. This book made me feel like they were sitting in front of me and telling me the story. In some parts I felt like I was in this book.

Girls who like stories about real life will like this book. That is why I recommend this book for you. Go out and find this book and enjoy it!!