1 Flat Stanley

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Flat Stanley

Written by Jeff Brown

Illustrated by Steve Bjorkman

Reviewed by Thayne L. (age 7)

Flat Stanley

Stanley got flattened by a bulletin board. He went to the hospital. Now he?s flat. Then he got his mom?s ring out from the sewer. He got mailed to his friend?s house. Then he let Arthur fly him like a kite. Arthur tried to make himself flat. Then Stanley dresses up like a shepherdess. The thieves got in the museum and Stanley got them. And Stanley got back to normal.

My favorite part of the book is when Stanley gets flattened by a bulletin board. The story is more interesting because Stanley is flat. I liked the illustrations in this book. The illustrations helped me to understand it better. This story reminds me of the book Freckle Juice because the characters both get into trouble.

I think my little brother, Trevis, should read this book when he turns six so that he could learn more words.