1 Flat Stanley

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Flat Stanley

Written by Jeff Brown

Illustrated by Steve Bjorkman

Reviewed by Lane K. (age 7)

Flat Stanley

A boy named Stanley was sleeping and a bulletin board fell on him and he got flattened. Stanley and Mrs. Lambchop were walking by a grate and Mrs. Lambchop dropped her favorite ring down in the grate. Stanley went down the grate and picked up the ring. Mr. Dart and Stanley were in the museum and one of the paintings were stolen and then Stanley had an idea to catch the thieves. Stanley dressed up like a shepherdess and caught the thieves. Stanley didn?t want to be flat anymore. Then his brother Arthur blew Stanley up with a bicycle pump.

I liked Stanley the best because he?s flat and captured the sneak thieves. My favorite part was when the sneak thieves broke into the famous art museum. It was my favorite part because Stanley helped catch them. There are illustrations in this book. They?re cool because there are lots of things to see.

I recommend Flat Stanley because it is a cool story. I think everybody would like this book.