1 I Am Not Going to Get Up Today

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I Am Not Going to Get Up Today

Written by Dr. Suess

Illustrated by James Stevenson

Reviewed by Donovan N. (age 7)

I Am Not Going to Get Up Today

This story is about a boy in his bed that won't get up. His mom gives him eggs for breakfast, but he wants to stay in bed. Everyone tries to wake him up. Kids put cold water on him. Neighbors bring animals to make noise. They give him ice cream. They put him on T.V. so people can see him. In the end, the boy won't wake up so the mom gives the eggs to the policeman.

My favorite part of the story is when they give the boy ice cream because I like ice cream. My favorite character is the boy because he won't get up even when people try to wake him up. My least favorite characters are the kids because they are shooting beans and peas at the boy to wake him. This story relates to my life because I sleep in bed for a long time too. I like the pictures in this book because then I can see what the characters are doing.

I think you should read this book because it is very funny and it will make you laugh and wish you were in bed.