1 Zoey 101 Girls Got Game

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Zoey 101 Girls Got Game

Written by Dan Schneider

Reviewed by Edelmira M (age 10)

Have you read a Zoey book? I'm going to write the begining, middle and end of this story. This book is about girls who got mad about losing a soccer game to the boys but in the end the girls and boys were friends again. In the beginning, the author introduced Zoey and the other characters. They were planning to have a soccer game. In the middle, they had a game, a soccer game. It was boys against girls. There boys scored 28 points and the girls 27 points. The girls lost. The girls were very mad and the girls didn't even talk to the boys for a very long time. At the end, the boys and girls were friends again. They felt like they forgot about the game. They learned about being friendly.

My favorite part of the book is when they were friends together after they were mad. That was my favorite part because I didn't like the mad people in the book. I think this book is great because I like soccer too. The story reminds me of when my family plays soccer and we aslo lose sometimes. The book made me feel excited when the girls were playing soccer even though they lost.

I would recommend this book because you will feel like you don't want to stop reading.