1 Hilda Hen's Scary Night

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Hilda Hen's Scary Night

Written by Dan Ya ccarino

Illustrated by Mary Wormell

Reviewed by Nickolai M. (age 6)

Hilda Hen's Scary Night

Hilda is a hen who wakes up when it is dark and she is scared to go back to the henhouse. She thinks that she sees lots of scary things. She thinks that a hose is a snake and that a little pool is a lake. When she gets home in the morning she can't see the scary things anymore and she doesn't know where they went.

This book is really a good book. I am scared lots of times when I hear or see strange things at night. I felt sorry for her. I think the funniest part was when she thought that she was under a bridge but it was really a horse and the horse moved. She tries to be very brave even though she is so scared.

If you like stories about silly things that happen, you will like this story. It makes you laugh when you see what is really there and then what Hilda thinks it is.