1 Exploring Parks with Ranger Dockett

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Exploring Parks with Ranger Dockett

Written by Alice Flanagan

Illustrated by Christine Osinski

Reviewed by Michelle M. (age 7)

Do you know what rangers do? To find out what a ranger does then read Exploring Parks with Ranger Dockett. The author tells you about Ranger Dockett and shows what he does. Ranger Dockett teaches children about the park. Every year he plants trees. He takes care of the park. I think you should read Exploring Parks with Ranger Dockett because the pictures are incredible!

My favorite part was when Ranger Dockett scooped up the mud from the pond. This is my favorite part because he scooped up the slimy, squishy mud with his shovel to show the kids what grows in the pond. I thought this book was magnificent because the photographer took outstanding photographs of the park. This book was unique because the author used many describing words in the story.

I recommend this book to anyone who likes nature.