1 Pirates

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Written by Will and Mary Pope Osborne

Illustrated by Sal Murdocca

Reviewed by Gabrielle W. (age 8)


Did you ever want to know about the golden age of pirates or pirate treasure? This interesting book is a fact book for the fiction book Pirates Past Noon in the Magic Tree House series.

In Pirates Past Noon, Jack and Annie were brave when they tried to save the gold medallion from pirates who were trying to steal Captain Kidd?s treasure. I learned more about Captain Kidd in Jack and Annie?s Gallery of Pirates in this fact book. I like the illustrations because they are realistic. Another fact is that pirates call their stolen treasure ?booty?. Stealing treasure was surprising for the townsfolk and fun for the pirates.

If you were a buccaneer, you could camp out in a boat on the sea and you could steal treasure. I think buccaneers are amazing, but I don?t want to be a buccaneer because they are stinky. They don?t take a bath very often.

This book I recommend for seven to seventeen year olds. If you have a project at school about pirates, you should check out this book. It will answer some questions you might have.