1 Tabby in the Tub

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Tabby in the Tub

Written by Ben M. Baglio

Reviewed by C. T. (age 9)

Tabby in the Tub

If you like stories about animals, then you'll love the book I read called Tabby in the Tub. It was about a cat that ran away from home. Mandy, the daughter of a vet at Animal Ark Clinic, finds the lost cat. The tabby cat's name was Blossom. Mandy discovers that she's pregnant. The cat runs away at first, but Mandy finds her in a neighbor's shed having her kittens. One of the kittens almost dies but is saved by Dr. Adam. Mr. Ward, the mailman, lets them live in his shed. The Animal Ark vets care for the kittens. At the end Blossom's owner is found. Mandy finds homes for the kittens. Mrs. Stanley, Blossom's owner, is so happy to have her cat back.

My favorite part of the story was when the kittens were being born because it was a very exciting and happy moment.

I thought that the illustrations were quite interesting although it was a chapter book so it didn't have color.

It is part of the Animal Ark series. It is similar to the other books in the series because it's about animals.

I recommend this cute book because it is the most exciting thing I ever heard.