1 Old Grizzly

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Old Grizzly

Written by Joy Cowley

Illustrated by Jan Van Der Voo

Reviewed by S.C. (age 6)

Old Grizzly

The problem was that the bear didn't want to see nobody because he was so mad. Two dogs came to cheer him up. Then they asked if he wanted to go to the circus with them. Then they were all happy because they wanted to have some fun. They went to the circus to eat popcorn.

My favorite part was that the bear and the two dogs went to the circus and they ate popcorn. I also liked that they were having fun. I liked the characters because at the end the two dogs and the bear went to the circus. I like eating popcorn just like the dog and the bear. I even liked the pictures because they came out so pretty. The picture of the bear was pretty because it was brown like other bears.

I recommend this book to my mom. My mom would like the part that they ate popcorn because she likes popcorn.